Cost Effective Advice

Over the years we have seen many clients express a variety of concerns about hiring attorneys to assist them with probate and estate planning matters. Estate planning in particular is a largely discretionary expense which many people, understandably, tend to put off for as long as possible. The rising prevalence of low or no cost legal templates on the Internet has further emboldened many potential clients into thinking that they can treat end of life matters as a "do it yourself" project.

Why pay for advice?

In the legal arena, and most service arenas, most people find that they get what they pay for.

When legal advice is offered at no or low cost, a number of sacrifices need to be made. Often, the first sacrifice is the attorney himself. A nominal fee may buy a newsletter and access to some standard templates, but very seldom will it buy a telephone number that you can call when you have questions, when something changes, or when you need reassurance that you are on the right track. Such services make sense for young people, in common situations, who are far from the end of their own lives, and need only basic protection in case of an unexpected catastrophe.

For those who are older or have specific needs, navigating the legal landscape takes more than a weekend, a website, and a pen. Just as Lewis and Clark did not brave the wilderness alone, we work for you as a guide to take you from where you are today to a place where you can be sure that you have the legal protection you need. Our advice is customized, based on years of professional experience, matched to your specific situation. We are always available to talk.

Keeping value high

We do not claim to be the cheapest lawyers in town, and would not aspire to be. We do, however, have a practice that is concentrated in the areas of estate planning and probate work. We focus our attention on these areas so that we can maintain a level of expertise and efficiency that will provide the best value for our clients.

We are not in business to get rich off of our clients. We are determined to provide the best quality legal services for a reasonable price. We make every effort to keep our costs down and to use the latest technology so that we can maintain an efficient practice and keep our fees as reasonable as possible.

We do not charge clients in advance for work that we perform. Fees are due when the work is completed, unless we make other arrangements with the client, ahead of time. The initial consultation is provided free of charge. We do not believe clients should have to pay us before they know whether or not we can help them or if they want to work with us.

Payments are accepted by cash, check or Visa and MasterCard.